Work consumes LIFE

One of my close friends came over to plan and talk for a bit. She mentioned that she likes my hand lettering and said how she was too busy to practice lettering. It’s a fun relaxing hobby that doesn’t require anything but pen and paper. I kept thinking about what she said and how sad I ended up feeling because it reminded me that I was her.I threw myself into my job, not taking time for myself and feeling guilty for having time to myself. I would work my eight hour shifts to come home and “work” as a mother. It was exhausting. I felt like I never had time because I could make time (staying up later) and feel awful the next day OR go to bed early to feel great the next day and work to my full potential. I know some people can balance life but I can’t. 

I quit my job of five years because I was incredibly unhappy. I could not find a single thing that made life fun. I have my son but what did we together? We would have about four hours a day with each other sometimes and other days I would have about an hour. I felt so disconnected from life…so I quit. 

The time I have had has been truly indescribable. I was blessed with time. Time to enjoy the things I LOVE. I lost myself for so many years and I have that person back. I find inspiration in music again. I have ambition to write. I started a blog! I made an IG I’m so proud of because it’s ME. I found a new hobby in lettering. I find beauty in the every day things again. I still have a ways to go but I have a creative side that was buried for so long. With my time, I was able to spend time with family; something I wasn’t able to do before because I was dedicated to work. I got to spend so much time with my son and THAT is priceless. He’s grown so much in four months and I’m so ecstatic I’ve been able to witness it first hand. 
What’s the point of life if you can’t do the things that make you happy? It doesn’t need to be big or expensive. It could be something small, like putting pen to paper. Find what you love and do it! Don’t let work become your life. Focus on what’s important to you. God has blessed you with time, do something worthy of living.

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