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Hey Planner Babes!

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! If it’s not, no worries! The beginning of a new year doesn’t define your whole year. Everyday you wake up is a new opportunity to start over. #MondayMantra
Since February is fast approaching I wanted to do a quick show at my Trendsetter Happy Planner®. I’ve seen so many cute unique ways that people have been using their planner, I might just try some of those ideas out! In the meantime I’m going to keep using this setup because it seems to be working for me so far. If you’re unsure how to use your Trendsetter HP, I hope this gives you some inspiration!

I just want to start off by saying that my Trendsetter is my catch all personal planner. I use it for my bills, paydays, school calendars, habit tracker, fitness tracking, monthly to dos etc. I fill this planner in whenever I want! Which is different in comparison to my other Classic HP, where I like to have everything pretty because I’m ME and I’m weird like that.
And first off.. if I’m being honest, the dashboard is pretty useless to me in this planner. I didn’t touch it until like three days ago and even then I didn’t fill it out. So I’m thinking of just decorating it with some pocket pages and stickers.


I track all of my paydays, my automatic bills, birthdays, and special days at school/work. I probably filled in this page at the beginning of January, so I can look at it for future reference during the month. I like having it filled in a month early just so I can better prepare myself like if I need to save up money or buy something special. I typically have a Disney Day every month so I like to plan that day ahead of time so I can budget it in.
For special school/work days I mark those days off with a heart sticker and the schools abbreviation. If theres another event happening thats not related to the school calendar I will use an arrow or an asterisk.
As for my bills, I only write down the ones that are automatic payment. I have the BIGGEST struggle managing money when I have automatic payments (but if I don’t have automatic payment I’ll forget to pay! Im a terrible adult. SMH) so I need to have them written down in my calendar. All other bills that I have to manually pay, Ill track those in my Budget Planner.


I feel like these pages are pretty self explanatory as there are prompts for each section. I LOVE these pages! These are the pages that make the dashboard pretty useless for me. I see these pages as directly pushing me to pursue my goals, I don’t know maybe that’s just me but that’s how I feel. So there’s three things I’m really focusing on this year mySELF, health, and budgeting. So my “top three” are geared towards those three things, every month I want to set a new goal to reach my ultimate goal. BABY STEPS.
The Monthly Habit Tracker was somewhat of a success in January. I only tracked one out of the three habits, but I take it as a win. I think I really need to choose the habits that I really WANT to track so I can see how often I do it. I want to get an idea of how often I do something and fix it from there so that’s how I plan on doing it this month.
Monthly says it right there. These are just an add on to my top three, these goals don’t have to be directed towards any of my annual goals just stuff I want to accomplish in the month.

Do you ever get the urge to clean EVERYTHING in your house only to realize a humungous mess has occurred and you’re too overwhelmed to do anything! No? Just me? WELL…every month I want to deep clean some stuff, like cleaning behind the stove and the kitchen grout (both were done this past month, YAASSS!) So the Checklist section will be the space where I write down all those things that need to get done. [Now is a great time to purge that closet honey! Double points if you go through your kid’s clothes!]

Note To Self is by far my FAVORITE section! I love writing down an encouraging note to myself at the beginning of the month to look back on when I need some motivation. If this isn’t a practice you normally do, I highly recommend trying it out. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s helped my mindset so much. Self confidence and self esteem are very important to me because being happy with myself is priceless and no one can take that from me. Believe in yourself and hype yourself up with a loving note.
I have yet to decide how I want to use the dot grid space. For January I just put a photo of myself and a New Year quote, nothing special. My note to self isn’t long enough to carry over into this space so I’ve been thinking of putting some photos to use as inspiration for the month. A monthly aesthetic inspiration? If that makes sense LOL MOVING ON!

Get It Done means the stuff I have to do this month! No specific day these things need to get done, they just need to be done by the end of the month. Lastly, Focus On everything else that didn’t quite make it into all the other sections! Maybe there’s a specific word you want to focus on or maybe you want to learn something new! I use this space for anything that didn’t quite fit right into anything else but that’s just me.

I plan out my daily things in my other HP so I don’t really need these Daily To-Dos pages. Instead I use them to track and plan other things. The way I use these pages is different and I understand if no one will use them the same way I do but like I’ve been saying this is just my preference. There are only 6 bullet points per section and I LOVE that because I don’t touch any of my planners on Sunday. I just don’t. I don’t plan on Sunday. It’s not my cup of tea. & I’m sure you’re like okay so you don’t plan on Sundays what does that have to do with the 6 bullet points? Well let me tell you! I track my daily step count, water intake, and menu plan on these pages but I only track Monday through Saturday. I separate each group of bullet points into four section so each section is a week. My planners typically only have four weeks of each month before heading into the next month so this works out perfectly for me. I don’t use all of the bullet points yet, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to use each one. I did however take out a page with the Daily To-Dos and the Notepaper because I wanted to fit in my Budget Planner.

I have no use for note paper and more bullet points in this planner, so I just removed a page or two and put it in my notebook so I could use it there. After the Daily To-Dos section I have my Budget Planner. It just has a one page of the Bill Pay Checklist, one page of the Expense Tracker, and the Budget Review + Month at a Glance. I don’t have that many bills or spend that much in a month so I try not to have excess pages where I don’t need them. Behind the Month at a Glance page, I have a single page of notepaper that has the next month’s dashboard on the other side. That’s it!

That is the inside look of my Trendsetter HP, I hope you found some inspiration in my mess! Always remember to do what works for you but also don’t be afraid to try new things. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @creativelymarisa for weekly planner inspiration!

Have a lovely day my Darling!

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