The Simple Vita is a section in this blog that has all things related to my new lifestyle change.
In the beginning for 2017 I decided that I would try my best to live a “simple” life. This meant a variety things!
A simple life to me means : being happy with less, living a life with intention, be aware of the things I use/consume, help the earth, not to consume the things I do not need, reduce my waste consumption and many other little things! I will share personal experiences of adapting to MY form of “minimalism” and living a SEMI-sustainable life. I love the ideas of minimalism, zero-waste, and eco-friendly. I think they’re great ideas that we should all [in some ways] use in our daily lives. The world we live in is deteriorating and if you could do something to help it, would you do it?
I want to achieve a semi-sustainable life in atleast ONE way in my day to day living, because the smallest changes can make the biggest impacts. I hope to inspire you to step out the box and try something new!

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