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I finally started! I started my simple life. I decided to just start because why not? I’ve been researching for months and now it’s time to do it!
Currently, I need to find another solution when it comes to bulk shopping. I found a local grocery store that has an amazing bulk section BUT they didn’t allow me to use my own containers because of health codes. I wrote to the company and they informed me that I am able to recycle all of the bags I use when shopping bulk. The plastic bags get recycled into decking, fencing, and other things like that. Which I guess is okay but I still feel guilty bringing home so many plastic bags. I will recycle them though!

I was successful NOT using ANY plastic produce bags! It also came to mind that I should really purchase some reusable produce bags because a lot of stuff got wet, whoops. I am hoping to purchase produce from local farmers markets but I just need to find a good one. I’m really excited to build relationships with my local farmers.I decided to go into another grocery store to pick up spinach and quinoa because the other store didn’t have any? Odd but oh well. I have to say…I love Sprouts! I didn’t get the opportunity to ask if I was able to use my own containers for their bulk items but I will be sure to ask next time. Two exciting things happened in Sprouts.

1. I saw a Happy Planner® #plannerbabe there using her home extension pack.

2. They sell milk in a GLASS BOTTLE!

They even sell strawberry and chocolate too, yummy! Sure I had to pay SEVEN DOLLARS for milk but compared to my normal shopping, I actually saved money. I am trying not to eat as much meat (for numerous reasons) so designing a meal plan with more “vegetarian” type meals was a huge money saver! For my first trip, I feel really good about the experience and hope I will be able to shop zero-waste someday. I feel so much better not producing as much trash. It’s the little things that count. Also, I am OBSESSED with the way my bulk items look in jars.

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