The Happy Planner® Setup | Student Edition

It’s officially August! That means BACK TO SCHOOL! What?! Weren’t we JUST in school? I can’t believe how fast this summer went by and I hope everyone has had an awesome summer so far. Back to school season means s h o p p i n g for new clothes, backpacks, cute notebooks, binders, and a PLANNER. I’m going to share how I set up a Student Happy Planner® its perfect for any age and any grade. These planners are so customizable with so many accessories available to make it work for each specific person. YAGSP

I am super excited to return back to school after a two year hiatus. I love being a student, part of me just wants to be in school my entire life because I actually really enjoy being in school. When I heard that me and my BIG ideas was going to release brand new Student Happy Planners® I knew I just had to have one. Fortunately being on their design team allowed me to receive a couple of student planners.
The Student Happy Planners® are dated a little differently than their 12 month and 18 month planners. These planners are 12 month dated planners starting from August 2017-July 2018. The planners come with the standard 2017 + 2018 year at a glance pages.
In the front AND back, there is a place to write down class schedules and course contacts. [Tip: It’s always important to have classmates contact info just in case you miss class.]
The monthly dashboards are broken down into four sections “things to study”, “important dates”, “goals this month” and “birthdays”.
This year they released a variety of student planners and they are all to die for! Even if you’re not a student you can still use these as a regular planner. The planners are designed the same way as their regular planners, so you can take out the pages you don’t need and cover up certain things to make it work!

What I love most about The Happy Planner® is how customizable it is! I wanted to make a planner that was super cute and that would work for ME. Hopefully my setup inspires you to customize your Happy Planner®!StudentHP
I pretty much ALWAYS change the covers on my planners. I find myself loving the inside design of covers rather than the outside. In my design team box I was also sent a pack of covers and I absolutely fell in love with the inside of the ‘sunshine’ cover. I love the colorful stripes, it has pretty much all my favorite colors! Even with all of it’s colorful stripes I still thought it needed more so I decided to personalize the cover. I found this awesome quote sticker “My Unicorn Ate My Homework Excuse # 247401385” from the NEW Student Value Pack Sticker Book to put on the cover because I thought it was so fitting for a student planner. I decided to some alpha stickers from one of the NEW Teacher Value Pack Sticker Book to put my name across the cover that way if a teacher or another student finds it they will [hopefully] return it! [Especially if I have my courses written down inside.]

I set up my planner to fit around my schools semester schedule. I only kept August-December in my planner and removed the rest of the year. My semester runs from August – December and saw no reason to keep the entire year in one planner. When the new semester starts I plan to replace the old months with the new ones, because you can do that with Happy Planners® [insert winking emoji] So in the mean time they will be stored away!

I also decided to add in some note pages in the back. With the newest release of products mambi came out with NEW Dividers which I thought would be prefect for a little notebook! I picked out some of my favorite dividers and added in some note paper behind each divider. I plan to write my classes on tabs so I know what notes belong to what class. If you’re in high school the Teacher Value Pack Sticker Book has subject stickers that can easily be used for tab labels. I honestly love this planner/notebook so much already, I use the note book section like everyday!

Lastly, I wanted to add a couple of other things to make it super functional and have everything in one place. I am a huge fan of the NEW Sticky Notes, these are on a prepunched dashboard which makes it super easy to add on. The Student Accessory Pack  was another thing I added in, it has a folder, some stickers with a cute paperclip, some notebook paper and sticky notes.
I absolutely love my student planner! I haven’t even used it yet but I love it already. If you’re a student I highly recommend you get a planner to keep your school life more organized. Don’t just settle for the planners the schools give, be cute and functional with a Happy Planner®.

All Back to School products can be found HERE and HERE or check out your local Michaels!

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