Julian is a happy charismatic four year old boy. He loves cars, boats, and trains. Acting out movies is a favorite. He also enjoys riding his bike and scooter. At first glance you would never know the day to day struggles he goes through. Julian is autistic. He doesn’t talk very much and has bursts of anxiety meltdowns when things don’t follow routine. Through his challenges he is tough little one and is more than capable of handling autism like a BOSS.

I will be sharing his story [and mine] and the journey of living with autism. When I first suspected it could be autism I tried to look up personal stories, to see what people with autism were like. It wasn’t anything I was aware of or how they really reacted, how they lived, what are they like when they are older? So I want to share our story to hopefully help others on their journey and to know they are not alone. We are all one big family!
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