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I have finally found my groove with my social media planner and I am so excited to share it with you!
I have been using a social media planner for about five months and with the start of the new year I moved into the BIG Tranquility Happy Planner® because the space is awesome.
For the monthly dashboard I have a spot to brainstorm some of my design team projects. I plan on putting my design team member’s birthdays in this planner as well. Since there is ‘special events’ section I really want to have something special to do every month! #GOAL I covered up a couple sections to have a place to write my stats for my social media handles. Lastly I have a place for my GOALS!


Every month since I started using a social media planner I have been writing a note to myself. I love making new goals because there’s a version of yourself that truly believes you can reach those goals. So I love writing some words of encouragement to myself to read if I ever feel like giving up!

I honestly have no idea what to use my monthly view for. For now, I am using sticky notes to write down blog posts and posting them on the day I want the post to be published. I am currently trying to do an instagram challenge on my instablog @itsmarisaelena so I wrote down the prompts for each day. Maybe I will cover the prompts up with photos! I love when people put photos in their monthly views, so I might jump on the trend!

I break down my week by “Work” “Insta” and “Blog”. I used to have “work” as “projects” but I like work being a general term for everything that I need to do.
I run two instagrams so in the top of the “insta” box I write all my prompts for my planner account @plannerdarlingg and on the bottom I write the prompts for my instablog @itsmarisaelena. I know it can look confusing but it works for me.
Lastly in the blog section I write everything I need to do for the blog. I have been TRYING to work on a schedule for my blog but for the most part this is where I will write everything I need to do for my blog like taking photos for blog posts, making a blog post design, pinning to pinterest, proofreading, drafting, just everything that goes into making a blog post.

If you have seen my planning style I am sure you’re surprised (maybe not) that this planner is SUPER PLAIN JANE! I absolutely love it this way. My main reason for decorating my other planners is because I need motivation to use them but I honestly really like being on social media so I don’t need the motivation to open this planner. The most I will do is high light the things I’ve done and thats about it. Do what works, right?

After the current my month I am on I have a blank tab that I use for everything that doesn’t quite fit into my weekly layouts. I decided to decorate the back side of my divider, inspiration came from Belinda Selene! I wrote down my main goals for the next year and anything else to keep in my mind as the year goes on!

I downloaded some awesome FREE printables from All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list! I mainly use the brainstorming guide as a guide (go figure) for blog posts. I also printed out the weekly post planner to keep track of posts! I did print out a few other pages like the Stats & Analytics page, Blogging Goals, and Brainstorming Ideas. I wrote all over those so I didn’t picture them here. really does provide the Ultimate Blog Planner Kit.
I just started printing out emails and inserting them in this planner. I got the idea from one of my DT members Heather! (I was nosey one day hehe) She prints out the design team emails we get every month. I also did this for other planner related things because I get so lost in email conversations! The iPhone doesn’t make reading over emails very easy, I’ll tell you that.
That is my social media planner! I hope you enjoyed reading more about how I use this planner and got some ideas for your own! I truly love being on social media, it’s such a fun way to reach out to like minded people. I know it seems like a “job” but I just like to be organized!

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