Marisa Elena? Marisa Darling? 2017?

Marisa Darling 2017!

[Said with British accent for full affect]
I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2017. Since I achieved so much in 2016, the curse of ambition wants me to do more in the next year.

Soooo I have decided I want become a blogger. I love blogging and there’s something I thoroughly enjoy about having my life on the internet? I’ve had two other blogs that I maintained for awhile until they became too personal. I want this one to last. I’ve been holding back because I’m fearful of people I know who will read what I write and judge me. There are people out there who I don’t want to know about my life but I’m tired of living scared. I just want to say what I want and that be it. & Im sure you’re thinking um aren’t you already a blogger? I don’t consider myself a real one? If that makes sense. I haven’t remained consistent because I’m holding back and that’s what I want to break from.

So with that being said here are some ideas that I want to do with this blog.

“Marisa Darling” & “Marisa Elena” will be the main ways to find me on ALL social media.

• Separate this blog from WordPress and switch to Bluehost or HostGator (Any tips on how to do that would be greatly appreciated)

• MAYBE change my site name, I will see by Summer ’17

• Follow a schedule! I have blog post ideas for Monday- Saturday BUT I want to switch off each week. M•W•F one week and T•TH•S the next week.

• Start a brand new Instagram for the blog! I had one but I never logged on. My planner community is such a fun place that following “instamoms” didn’t come close to holding my interest. & it’s because I followed people just for the follow back; not because we shared the same interest or values. Lesson learned!

• Maybe kind of sorta start being active on YouTube? I’ve been thinking of this for awhile. When I first suspected autism with Jay YouTube was the first place I went. I would like to have progress videos of him because it’s AMAZING how far he’s come! Plus planner videos😉 who doesn’t love those? Lol It would just add the extra touch to blog posts, yes? No?

I want to write about things I feel passionate about and not worry about what other people think. I want to inspire! I love gaining new perspectives and sharing it with everyone. So let’s hope for a change in 2017 at!

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