Hello The Simple Vita|The Journey Has Begun

Now that the new year pressure has worn off, I’m much more at ease trying to plan out my goals. Even better is that I have officially started! Read about HERE.

Let me introduce a new part of my blog The Simple Vita! I’m Italian at heart so of course I used vita which translates to life. It’s not correct grammar but this is the Internet and what is grammar anyways?

I will be sharing my journey and everything I learn along the way in relations to zero-waste living and minimalism! I am trying my best to S I M P L I F Y my life.

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This year I want to achieve a reduced waste “zero waste” kitchen meaning that I will TRY not buy/use products that will end up in the landfill. I also hope to do this when it comes to self care products like face wash, shampoo, deodorant, etc. I want to shop secondhand most of the time when it comes to clothes. Fast fashion stores produce cheaply made clothing which end up in the landfills. (Not that I won’t ever shop at forever again because I know I will) Its all about being a conscious consumer.

I also want to make SIMPLE meals. When I say simple I mean BASIC AF. Since I won’t be purchasing a lot of packaged food, it means less chemicals. I want my ingredients to be natural, I want to know everything I eat. I also hate cooking so anything with 10 ingredients or less is a d r e a m!

Minimizing my life! So big proud moment when I got paid to do something I love and bought a new desk with that money. NOW everything must fit in that desk! I don’t want to buy more storage to accommodate my obsession. I want to have the obsession under control. I don’t want a million scraps lingering around for years and years. Use it or leave it. Every other aspect in my life is pretty manageable so I am confident I can minimize a lot.

Simple decisions. What I learned most in 2016 was that God has a plan for me. I worked VERY hard to trust him and his timing. I don’t want to sit and think of a million ‘what if’ scenarios (good or bad) I want to make decisions without overthinking. I want to continue the trust I have in Him.

I am SUPER excited for this lifestyle change. I admire the people that are true Minimalists and Zero-Waste. It’s a journey and it wont happen over night but it’ll be worth it.

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