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I started hand-lettering in July and I have become obsessed! I am always on the hunt for new markers/pens to try. Today I am going to share my opinions on two Prismacolor markers. This brand is great quality and is a little more pricey compared to others but I haven’t had any issues yet. So lets get started with this impression!

The first marker I am going to talk about is the Prismacolor® Premier® Brush/Fine Art Marker. It is a double ended marker with brush tip and fine tip. It is priced at $5.99 at Michaels, I bought mine on sale for 50% off. Always keep a look out for coupons and sales!
First Impression of the marker is that it’s fat! I have become fond of lettering with Crayola Markers so I find it super easy to hold this marker. If you aren’t used to using fat markers it might feel a little weird at first.

When I got it on paper I was BLOWN AWAY at how smooth the brush tip writes! It is incredibly smooth and you don’t get the noise on down strokes like you do with other markers. The fine tip side is great for just writing without any effect. I actually really like to use the fine tip to practice my lettering.
The down side to this marker is that it bleeds. If you have grainy paper you will see it bleed and it will also show through to the other side of the paper. I haven’t seen it bleed through an entire sheet but it definitely bleeds to the back side.
I also will say that you cannot write small with this marker. The brush tip doesn’t allow for very fine lines like some other pens. I assume someone out there can write small but it’s difficult for me to do. If you buy this pen for lettering just know that most of your words will come out big in order to have the brush effect. Another point to make is that the brush tip doesn’t quite give the same effect, it’s more of a top heavy down stroke meaning it’s thicker at the top and fades (gets skinnier) while on the down stroke. I love the look it gives but I know not everyone will.

The second marker I will talk about today is the Prismacolor Premier® Illustration Marker, Brush Tip. This marker is priced at $3.79 at Michaels and it was on sale for 60% off when I purchased it.


The brush tip is different in both markers. This marker is a lot smaller than the dual tip marker and I like it a lot more. When I first buy a new marker I will use it for DAYS to see how it will really hold up. (I totally effed up my Faber-Castell but that’s another post) I have no shame in destroying a pen within a few days! This pen has held up really well. The hand-lettering effect is great and very smooth. It is not as smooth as the double ended marker but it has been the most consistent marker I’ve used yet. What I mean by consistent is that it hasn’t changed much at all since the first time I put it on paper. It does skip a little on down strokes if you press hard enough but I find a gentle hand is all you need. I’m still learning so I don’t know all the proper techniques, I’m a self taught letterer. I have yet to use the famous Tombow markers but this marker is by far my favorite.

Both of these markers are great for handlettering. I have read some complaints that the dual tip marker runs out of ink but I have yet to witness it myself. Both markers have great color pay off and I would definitely recommend these.

What kind of lettering markers do you like?


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