ERIN CONDREN 18 Month Life Planner Review and Why I Won’t Buy Another


I have had my Erin Condren for almost a whole year! When I joined this crazy planner community I never thought I would actually keep up with planning. I used to be terrible at using a planner until I bought a Life Planner. This is going to be a somewhat in depth review of my experience from ordering it to how its holding up today and everything in between. First things first LIFE PLANNER is stretching it…like a lot. If your life can fit into three little boxes a day, that’s great. I see this planner being more for students versus being a “life planner”. When I hear those words I think of a planner that has a little bit of everything in regards to life. BUT Realistically, I don’t think there’s one that can claim that title.

Last year ordering an EC Planner seemed so much easier than it is today because there weren’t as many options. I bought mine on launch day last year and chose the “Ready to Ship” planner, which meant there were no customization it shipped as is. The upside to that, was that I would receive a code for a free cover and I would get it as fast as possible.
I paid $55 for the planner, about $11 for shipping, and tax was about $4. I had a $10 off code so my total came out to around $60.
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I had heard stories about EC shipping, that it was terrible and sometimes purchases stay in “pending” for long periods of time, I had no issues in receiving the items. I received my planner within a week because it shipped the day after I purchased it. I was amazed at how fast I actually got it, not to mention how stinkin excited I was!
It came in a beautiful coral pink box with a beautiful design. The planner was wrapped in tissue paper along with other goodies like present labels. I did notice however that there wasn’t a bookmark or a free cover code card. Disappointment. I contacted customer service about the cover and they gave me a code to use whenever I was ready to purchase a new cover. It was disappointing but customer service made up for it.
Other than that everything was great!

When I say “First Impressions” I mean a couple months into using this planner.
The first thing I realized was that it was smaller than I thought. I never thought to look at measurements but its not the typical paper size.

My coil didn’t seem right but I am not crazy about the little things. As long as it holds, Im fine.
I did notice that the papers would rip at the bottom where it coils. I thought it would rip for every month but it didn’t, just only for the first few months.
It also wouldn’t close completely if I just flipped it close. I need to push everything together in order for it to close.

This planner is great quality.
When I purchased it, I knew I was going to treat it like I do with any planner I owned. I wasn’t going to buy a special bag to carry it in, I wasn’t going to treat it like a princess.
Sure I paid a good amount of money for it but its still just a planner.
It is great quality. It held up fantastically.
The cover corners are splitting just a little bit.
Sure there are scratches here and there, as expected.
The monthly tabs are bent a tiny bit but still look good.
The only thing I get extremely frustrated with is the interchangeable cover. Since it comes off and on, after awhile it pops off when I flip my planner close. The back cover somehow get dis-aligned from the coil, so I am constantly taking the cover off, aligning it, and putting it back on. I’ve done this so much the cover coil “hooks” are bending and aren’t as sturdy as they used to be. I honestly thought it would be worse though.
Lastly, I can’t plan on Wednesdays. The coil is so big and I’m right handed so writing things down on Wednesdays seems like a challenge.

Now for the reason why I will NOT being buying another 18 Month Life Planner. I am a decorator. I love to use washi tape, stickers, scrapbook paper, and all the other fun things to make your planner more exciting. I have had this planner for a year and I have every intention of using it all up (because the new planners aren’t as colorful!) My planner is so fat already, I don’t think it will be able to close completely anymore. It’s already a thick planner that it will expand even with just pen ink, let alone stickers and washi. I feel like my cover problems are related to it being so big because the coil isn’t big enough to actually hold the entire expanded planner.

If I do decide to buy another EC Planner, I will only buy the 12 Month version because of the way I plan, the 18 Month version may be great if you don’t decorate your planner OR if you plan to only use it for a year and not use the additional 6 months.

I hope you enjoyed this little review on my experience!

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