DIY 4th of July Decorations!

The 4th of July has become one of my favorite holidays and we always host the celebration. So here are a few  DIY decorations that I’m sure can work for any occasion if you change the colors.

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These are my favorite! I found how to do these here at
I think they came out awesome!
If you want to get even more creative you can buy patterned paper and go crazy making all kinds of flowers.
Here are a few more I came up with.


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You Will Need:
Tissue Paper
Card Board or Foam Board


– First, Draw the letters out on the board.
Cut out the letters.
– Next cut your tissue paper up into about 3×4 squares.
– Now you will use your choice of adhesive and start sticking on tissue paper.
Make sure your working area is protected if you are using Spray Adhesive.
Scrunch up the tissue paper and stick it on the letter.
Continue until all of the letters are covered in tissue paper and you are done!

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You Will Need:
Foam Wreath
Burlap (I use two 2″ Red + Brown and 4″ Blue + Tan)

I have absolutely no idea how to use a wire wreath for burlap so I am cheating and using foam. I prefer pinning everything down because it’s easier to take apart but feel free to hot glue everything down.

Wrap 2″ Brown Burlap around foam leaving a space for the blue, tuck in the ends.
Wrap the 4″ Blue Burlap around the empty space, tuck in the ends.
– Next, grab the 4″ Tan Fabric and start bunching it up and pinning it.
Bunch and pin around the foam leaving space for the red.
I do not cut anything until finished, I just continue to wrap around.
– Grab the 2″ Red Burlap and do the same thing, Bunch and Pin.
Repeat the same thing for the Blue.
Cut off excess.

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You Will Need:
Tissue paper
Tape or Staples

I typically use three sheets of tissue paper for each POM but if you wish to have them fluffier feel free to use six sheets.
Align your sheets together.
– Begin folding them accordion style about 1″ in size.
For the big ones I will fold it a little bigger.
– When you’re all done folding, you will need to secure it with either tape or staples.
Tie string around center.
Cut off ends into a rounded shape.
To make smaller POMS, cut off more of the sides.
– Begin fluffing by carefully separating each sheet until you get a nice fluffy POM.
If you want to attach it to others, I get a long string and loop it through all of my POMS since we already tied a string around the center.
These are awesome and easy to make, they go great for any occasion if you switch up the colors.

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You will need:
Paper Towel Roll

This is fun project to do with a little one because it’s so easy.

– First cover the roll with a piece of paper, I chose white paper but use any color you prefer. I also used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive but any adhesive should be okay.
(WARNING:If you use Elmer’s Spray Adhesive be sure to protect your work space because it will be messy!)
– Next determine how long you would like streamers.
Keep in mind the top end will be wrapped around the tube so the top end will touch the “back” of the streamer. Pictured Below.
– Then glue them around the roll.
– I sprayed the top ends so it can stick to the “back” side of the streamers.
Proceed to do this for all of the strands.
– Lastly grab some string, put it through the roll, and tie!

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