Cutting the Crap | Transitioning to a SIMPLE Life

One of my goals for this year is to live a more simple life. I want to live with intention. I want to be happy with less. I want to live a sustainable life. I want to be a conscious consumer. Read it all HERE. Point is, I am going through a lifestyle change and here’s how its going.


Yup, you read that right! CRAPPY.

For the first month, I jumped all in trying to be “zero-waste” in the kitchen and shopping at four different grocery stores to get everything I needed. It would take me days to get what I need for the week and it felt like the week came and left! It was exhausting and I did it because I just wanted to get started.
The problem?
After a month of running around all over I gave in and went to Walmart on a package frenzy! The amount of trash I have produced in the past month is c r a z y! I just let go and bought all the things. I would find myself at Target buying STUFF. Then buying more STUFF to put my STUFF in! I lost it and I loved every minute of it but I’m glad I went at it the way I did because I definitely learned a lot these past two months.

I saw myself falling back into my old ways. Sure you might think why is it bad if you go to Target and Walmart? My goal is for the FUTURE; for myself and for my son. I don’t want him to think that he needs a bunch of stuff to be happy. I don’t want to feel that way either. There’s also all the bad things that come with using plastic and what it does to our environment. I like the idea of being a conscious consumer and only purchasing things that I need/really want.

I then stumbled across this quote on Pinterest “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal” so what did I do? Being the avid planner I am, I MADE A PLAN! Which I will share soon!

This new plan has been working great for me so far and I’m hoping I can fix my mistakes and not fall back into my old ways.
BUT now I have stuff…fortunately Spring will be arriving in just a few short weeks and the spring cleaning will commence!

If you’re on this journey to be zero-waste, minimalism, or sustainable living and it’s overwhelming just go slow and take your time. No need to rush. Start small.

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