Big Picture Classes Debut| Coming SOON!

Yay!! I am beyond happy to share that my segment of the Plan It Out series will go live next Monday January 30th at!

Staying organized is key to managing life’s busyness. That’s where planners come in! Each month, this class series offers a new and inspiring teacher who will share how they use planners to keep track of their everyday. This month, Marisa Yciano shows how she customizes her planner pages for work, events, hobbies, and more. You’ll learn how to incorporate fun supplies and other useful elements into your planner so that you’ll never miss a to-do again.

In my class, I share some of my must have planner products and the process I go through to achieve a fun layout! It’s perfect for people that are familiar with planning and want to try a new planning style. So be sure to check it out! You can “Save it for Later” HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with Big Picture Classes (BPC) I highly recommend you check it out! They offer an array of classes for everything in relation to creativity, it’s amazing. It’s a great place to learn something new or just be inspired. They offer a FREE two week trial period, so be sure to sign up for that! 

Also be sure to check back here or on my Instagram @plannerdarlingg for a fun giveaway that will be happening soon! 

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