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I have decided that I am going to change up my bedroom this Spring! I find that my style is changing and I really want a space that I feel suits me better. My current style of room was inspired by a Laguna Beach hotel room, it has a nautical vibe to it which I still LOVE but I feel like I need a change.
Naturally, I took to Pinterest for inspiration and decided to create an inspiration board. I am very interested in a semi-bohemian vibe.
I am OBSESSED with plants right now and I really want to add some to my new space. I love being a plant mama! I received a basket of plants for my birthday last year and four out of the six are still alive and thriving. #SUCCESS  I have also been completely interested in succulents/terrariums. If anyone knows of succulent workshops in Southern California, let me know!


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My current room has navy and white stripes so I definitely want to continue having stripes in my room with an accent rug and maybe some throw pillows. I probably won’t be able to find navy and white stripes so black and white will have to do.
I have recently discovered that my favorite color is changing from purple to yellow & navy! I’m hoping to find a yellow throw blanket or even some pillows. I honestly love yellow accents with navy! I saw a navy chair and thought something like that would be a great desk chair.
& Since I am trying to change the way I purchase things, I want to either make some stuff myself or find these items thrifted. This is the internet and everything is at the tips of my fingers, I hate the idea of all the packaging that will be wasted purchasing everything brand new. It’s a challenge I am ready to accept and I’m pretty confident I can do it but at the same time don’t be surprised if I partially fail. I am an IKEA addict!

Bedroom Inspo

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