Autism Mom TRIUMPH!

This has been a long awaited day that I thought would never come!
I FINALLY got approved for Speech therapy and ABA therapy for Jay! This has been a struggle for months because there was always a miscommunication somewhere. My insurance, the neurologist, the primary, inland regional, and the school district were all going against each other. One would say one thing and the other would say something completely different! It was just a constant run-around with me being the messenger and nothing getting done.

I honestly got lucky that someone referred me to the autism specialist with my insurance. They contacted me AND the doctor to get things done right away and BAM! It happened! Within the week I got everything approved! We’re coming up on a year since he’s been diagnosed with autism and I am now just starting his therapies, Im sad that we had to wait this long but Im glad its happening.

To anyone else that is struggling, give it your ALL. I would start and feel defeated time and time again. I kept pushing and pushing because we all know we are our children’s advocates, without us who else will fight for them? Don’t get discouraged just be a bad ass Mama Bear or Papa Bear and make shit happen. Make everyone else realize that you’re child is worth fighting for because lets face it, not everyone knows what they’re doing when it comes to kids with autism.

Thank you for all of those that have reached out to me from previous posts, you ladies are awesome! All your kind words have motivated me more than you know!

Remember that as an autism parent you are never alone.

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