About Marisa Elena

Well let’s start off reading what Marisa Elena wrote circa 2016…

“My name is Marisa. I am a 24 year old Mama living my life for God in the bliss of Southern California. & Lets be real here…I am starting this blog because I decided to quit my job of five years to “find myself”. It’s sad that, that single introduction sentence is all I have to describe myself. I am striving to change the way I live and give myself depth which is why I am creating this space.

I have a passion to inspire and to be inspired. I have become submissive to fear and anxiety that I am losing sight of what it means to live a fulfilling life. I want to slow down to enjoy the little things and I would love for you to join me. Mind you this space will be a beautiful mess! I love to write but I also love taking photos. I do love hair and make up with a splash of fashion. I take frequent trips to Hobby Lobby, planners anyone? Of course I’ll have posts of my son, his preschool life and our journey breaking through the autism barriers. I look forward to a change in my lifestyle and making healthier decisions. This is my space to share my life and hopefully inspire you.”

It’s important to me to have the message that started this space because I never want to lose sight as to why I began this journey. So lets start this again!

My Name is Marisa Elena. I am still in the Southern part of California living my life for God. I am a Mama to a very charismatic autistic boy named Julian, often referred to as JAY on the internet. I am an avid planner and crafter. Also a mediocre lifestyle blogger, who is living creatively and inspiring herself by living a life with intention. I continuously have a passion to inspire and to be inspired. & Here is what to expect from my space on the internet.

I want to share our life experiences to raise awareness of what so many people are living with now days. I want people to gain some understanding on what autism is and how having just a little understanding can make the biggest difference in a persons life. I also want to let other autism parents know that they are not alone. We are all one big family.

While I am an “autism mom” Im actually just a MOM. Jay is just a KID. Our lives are different because of autism but it doesn’t mean we hold back from doing what most families do. While we are different, we’re not that different from anyone else. Plus I think all the Mamas should learn from each other because lets face it mom life is no joke!

I have embraced the creative side in myself and it shows through my planning. I love to make planning a fun + functional experience. I will share all the tips and tricks I do so you can be on your way to planning in a super cute functional way!

Everyone needs some good health and wellness tips in their lives. I don’t mean “trendy” tips but things to actually LIVE BY. I also want to share my life experiences with the intention of helping someone else that may be going to having a rough time like loss of a loved one, single parenting, weight loss, self-hate, etc.

This is the part of my life that I am working the hardest at because it’s the most difficult. The SIMPLE Life. Easier said than done.
I care very much about my health, the health of my family and the health of the WORLD. I share my experiences of making [small] changes in my life that can make an impact. I am an ocean loving, plastic hating freak. I want to share SOME eco-friendly products or sustainable living because seriously the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.
I also share my experiences of MINIMALISM. I am far from it but I love the idea of having less and loving what you have.

I am not a “niche” and don’t expect my blog to have one. This space is a reflection of me, good + bad. Everything I share here is something I am passionate about and thoroughly love/enjoy.
Because if there’s one things I want to accomplish, is to inspire.