2018 Planner Lineup!

Happy New Year Planner Babes!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years! Thank you Lord for blessing us all with another year! One of my favorite things about a brand new year is setting up brand new PLANNERS! Or maybe just one if you’re not someone who is obsessed with planners. I have quite a few planners and even more combined into one, I totally embraced frankenplanning this year! I have FOUR planners to share today and I’m really excited to share how I plan to use them. So without further adoooo my 2018 Planner Lineup!

So if you’re new here, I am a huge fan of The Happy Planner® so with the exception of one, all of my planners are by The Happy Planner®. I prefer this brand because of how customizable it can be and it’s what works best for me.

Trendsetter + Sugar & Spice + Wellness + Budget

Trendsetter is a monthly planner with a monthly overview, daily checklists and note pages. There are no weekly calendars in Trendsetter which was something I was immediately drawn to. My planning style consists of having a super messy planner and a pretty planner. I have one planner that acts as a “draft” for the week. I will write down things that need to get done, special occasions, and anything else I may need to remember but nine times outta ten…plans change. It low-key gives me anxiety have tons of notepaper with just random things written on it or having a super messy planner. When the week approaches I will write down whats pretty set in stone in my pretty planner. SO instead of having two full monthly, weekly planners to “draft” in, Im just going to use the Trendsetter to jot down things that will need to get done in the month.
I’m only going to keep the first six months accessible just because I’ve added so much to this planner. [The other half of the year is put away.] One of my goals for the year is to be better with money so I decided to add the Budget Extension Pack. I separate the months from the budget pack and insert them into my trendsetter months. I have it bookmarked for easy access whenever I need to write something down or check on anything.
Another extension pack I added was the Wellness Extension Pack. This extension pack is meant to promote self care in both physical and mental ways. I really love the idea of this and I’m hoping I can use it to its full potential.
Lastly I have Sugar & Spice mixed into the back of this planner. I don’t have a real plan for this one, I just loved it so much I needed to have it! But If Im being honest, I have it in this planner because I feel like I may fall back into needing the weekly calendar to “draft” in but we will have to see…
This planner is going to be my most functional planner at home planner. I expect it to be..not pretty which is okay. I also plan to keep more confidential things inside this planner. I love sharing my planner on instagram but people look at what you’re doing! & that really freaks me out! But anyways, this will be my catch all planner that I’ll plan in ahead of time.

Daily-Weekly Planner | Jazzy Blues

I have the Sugar & Type cover because it’s beautiful, the inside of Jazzy Blues, and the dividers/dashboards from different planners. So basically I’m using the same planner I used last year, I loved it so much I had to buy it again. It’s very neutral and allows for creative freedom which I absolutely LOVE. The only thing that I don’t like are the neutral dividers. I picked out dividers from different planners that I wasn’t using to replace the ones in this planner. This is why I love The Happy Planner®, its so customizable and its super easy to do. This planner will be my pretty planner that has all of my weekly and daily plans. This will most likely be the one you see on the gram.

Blush Crush MINI Happy Planner®

I dont need this planner. I don’t even use the MINI Happy Planner® if I’m being totally truthful but it’s so damn cute I just have to use it! I will probably use it as a notebook for blog ideas or creative ideas. I’m sure I will occasionally plan inside of it when I need to but for the most part it’s just going to sit still and be pretty.

Websters Pages Travelers Notebook

This planner has changed my on the go planning significantly. This planner is completely functional! It scares me how functional I keep this thing. It is a Websters Travelers Notebook which I will often refer to as a TN. If I’m out and need to schedule appointments, check for free days, write little reminders, this is where I write it. I will transfer all the information into my Happy Planners® I also love to keep information I may need while I’m out. This size TN is perfect for holding papers, If I need to follow up with a company I’ll just slip the letter into my TN, it doesn’t get lost or ruined!

Day Dreamer BIG Happy Planner®

Hello Memory Keeper! I saw this planner nearly a year ago! When I saw it was a seasonal BIG Happy Planner® I knew I had to have it for my 2018 Memory Keeper. I used a classic seasonal for 2017 and I loved how easy it was to keep along with the themes. I’m not an avid memory keeper so I need a theme to follow every month and I think this will be just as good as last years.

& that is a wrap on my 2018 Planners! Remember that you shouldn’t feel guilty about having several planners or feel guilty about having one. You do you honey, whatever works for YOU. I hope you have a super productive year, I plan to share more planner related things here but be sure to check out my instagram @creativelymarisa for planner inspiration!

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