2017 Planner Lineup

2017Another year starting in a couple more days! I can’t believe how fast time is going but I am so excited to start another year. So here is my 2017 planner lineup. I remember starting this past year with only ONE planner and now I have SIX! Holy Chalupas! But only three are used for actual planning. Did you catch that “only”? My planner mind has changed so much in a year.

BIG Tranquility Happy Planner™ | Social Media/Project Planner

I have become very involved in social media over the past five months. I am learning more and more about the importance of social media and what not. I have found it completely helpful to plan out posts and brainstorm new ideas. I also like to track my stats for each month so I needed a space to plan it out. I was using a classic size planner but surprisingly that became too small for me so I started using this planner and I LOVE IT! The space is amazing and it allows me to do so much. When I have my planning style down in this planner I will share in detail how I use it.

CLASSIC Hello 2017 Seasonal Happy Planner™ | Memory Planner

I am so excited to start memory planning in a Happy Planner™! I have just sat and admired everyone’s memory planning until now. I got a ZIP printer for Christmas which I assume will make memory planning super easy. When I saw the seasonal theme in this planner I knew I just had to have it but I didn’t know what I would use it for. Since it’s basically decorated I figured it would make memory planning much easier. I am obsessed with all the little details in this planner!! [two exclamation points because I am THAT excited] I can’t wait to share all of my memory planning fun with you all. Plus I love the monthly dashboard/currently page. I am a big fan of the currently-s and I think it will work out great to write down Jay’s current things and also having him doodle something every month in the ‘doodle’ section.

CLASSIC This Is Your Year Happy Planner™ | Daily Planner

Unlike the last planner I mentioned this one is very VERY simple. It has a neutral color palette and minimal decoration. I picked this for my daily planning because I can do what ever I want. There are no color schemes I feel like I have to follow so I can let my mind go crazy. I plan to use this planner for all of my daily activities. All important dates and schedules will go inside this planner. I have used different kinds of planners for daily planning but I have found that this one works best for me.

MINI Fitness Planner | Food & Fitness Tracker

Here we go again! So my fitness extension pack ended about five months ago and I just never re-purchased it or the planner. When mambi announced they would release a mini fitness planner I knew I had to have it. This was the planner I think I was most excited for because its cute, mini, and DATED! I feel like I struggled with the extension pack because I never felt the pressure to use it every week because I could use that blank week for like the next week? If that makes sense at all! I know having a dated fitness planner will help me stay on track because there’s nothing that irks me more than a blank week.

MINI Fresh Floral Happy Planner™ | Prayer Journal

I have a prayer journal already but I write like four pages every time I write in it. I wanted something simple to add to my prayer writing. I will still use my regular journal but I like the space in the mini for a quick prayer every morning or night. There’s something I really enjoy about tracking my prayers because it’s amazing how many things work out in ways you never even realized.


Recollection Personal Size Planner | On the Go Planner

This is my first ring binder personal planner? Oh my gosh I don’t even know how to describe it that’s how new I am to this! I have wanted one of these for quite some time and figured I would try it out. I am currently setting everything up. I want to use this planner for things I need to know when I am out and about. I will share more details about what I keep inside this planner when it’s all setup but just know it’s my on the go planner. The color is just too cute!

I am SUPER DUPER excited for my planner journey in the next year. I have come a long way from last year so let’s see where the next year takes me. I am so glad I became part of this community. If you are here from Instagram just know that I appreciate you! This is by far the best group of people to interact with. If you AREN’T from Instagram I highly recommend you become involved in our community because there really is nothing like it.

What does your 2017 planner lineup look like?


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